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University of Helsinki Institute of Biotechnology
Institute of Biotechnology
Biomolecular NMR & Protein Engineering

Group Leader
Dr. Hideo Iwai

Tel: +358-9-191 59752
E-mail: hideo -dot- iwai
-at- helsinki -dot- fi

Institute of Biotechnology
Street address: Viikinkaari 1 (P.O.Box 65)
00014 University of Helsinki
Tel: +358-9-191 1
fax +358-9-1915 9541

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(University of Helsinki)

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 We are always looking for highly motivated and skilled coworkers. Ideal candidates should have a background in biochemistry, molecular biology, structural biology, chemistry, computer science, or closely related field.

Please Do NOT hesitate to contact, if you are interested in a position for
Summer Student, Pro Grad, Msc. student, Ph.D student, Postdoctoral fellow
by sending CV and two or more names of references (Please DO NOT call before sending them).
There might be some possibilities.

We also welcome ERASMUS students. Please contact us if you are interested in.

For applicants, please make sure that you have experiences in the relevant fields before sending any email. We greatly appreciate for your cooperation.

 Possible projects are:

- Directed evolution of protein splicing domains

- Semi-synthesis of membrane proteins by protein ligation for NMR studies

- NMR structure determinations of protein splicing domains

- Structural studies of energy conversion systems in bacteria by NMR

- Engineering of protien splicing domains to develop molecular switches.

- Antibody engineering by protein splicing

- Circular proteins